Mold-Free Living: New E-Book Empowers Homeowners in Humidity

by Mold Solutions

The founder of a company currently rated by consumers as Tampa Bay’s best mold remediation company has released a new ebook to empower homeowners everywhere, and particularly those in humid climates where mold growth is more likely to cause health and habitability concerns.

The book, Mold-Free Living: Preventing Mold in Humid Climates, summarizes the experiences, warnings, best-practices, and solutions developed as a result of mold remediation and mold removal projects done in more than 3,000 Tampa Bay area homes.

Author Brandon Faust is a NORMI-trained and accredited, and IICRC-certified, mold remediation specialist with six years of experience in the field.

Beyond professional training and certification, Mr. Faust has extensive personal experience on the potential health affects of mold.

“Picture this,” he writes, “My one-month-old son, gasping for air, three days in a row. My wife’s ready to rush to the emergency room…”

That harrowing family event prompted the author and company founder to apply to his own home the standard industry tools and techniques he has since used on 3,000 Tampa Bay Area homes. Mr. Faust’s training included a pioneer course in mold remediation for the sensitized individual, under NORMI President Mr. Doug Hoffman, and Mr. Michael Pinto of Wonder Makers Environmental. Both are luminaries in the mold remediation and indoor air quality spaces.

Mold Solutions Founder and CEO Brandon Faust’s new ebook is offered free to all, in the spirt of assistance and empowerment. It’s the awareness and information that he feels could prevent other families from going through something like he experienced personally, and which he sees daily as he deals with people’s homes.

Mold-Free Living: Preventing Mold in a Humid Climate is available free to anyone at Visitors will only be asked to enter their email address to receive the free guide, and are not obligated to purchase or do anything.

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