Not Just A Business, But A Mission

The story of Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions is a health-centric mold removal and remediation firm servicing the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Our Story

The mold training and certification that the founder and owner of Mold Solutions, Brandon Faust, received made a huge difference when his son was a month old. His son woke up three days in a row struggling to breathe. Needless to say, this can send any new parent into a panic.

With an understanding of environmental triggers, Brandon started inspecting his own home. It was a leak from a pipe that was leaking into the same room the HVAC was located. There was mold two feet up on the back of a brand new dresser. Moldy air was being pulled into the A/C system and being distributed throughout the entire home. Applying the tools he knew from his mold training and experience, a handling was in place that made all the difference.

Using the advanced Atomized Sanitization process and removing all contaminated material with a detailed clean up, a complete solution was in place. The next morning Brandon’s son woke up an hour later with no trouble breathing. It was at that moment that the business became a mission.

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