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Mold Sensitivity

Having been working with doctors who treat patients that are highly sensitive to mold spores and mycotoxins (myco, greek for fungus + toxin, poisonous substance) we realized that each project is different. Some projects may require far more work to get the space safe for more sensitive clients. At Mold Solutions USA, we will cater to your needs. We will work with you and your doctor to ensure you have an environment that you can return to.

Verified Results & 1-Year Warranty*

Our jobs pass only when an accredited third party laboratory says they pass. Every job is going to be checked to ensure that the levels are now acceptable. We stand by our work and offer a 1 year warranty.

We Only Use Products We Would Use In Our Own Home.

As parents with young children, only products that are safe and non-toxic would ever be used in our homes. With pets and babies running around, it was vital to only use products that would be safe, yet extremely effective at protecting the home environment. We use EPA registered products that are designed for the food and healthcare industries. These products are extremely effective at eliminating fungus,  spores, and all types of microbial life.

Our process leaves no residue behind and is safe for all contents and electronics to remain in the home during treatment.

The Atomized Sanitization process is perfect to address the most important part of a mold job, the air you breathe.

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