Mold Solutions

Safe and effective atomized sanitization and mold remediation.

Mold Solutions is a health-centric mold removal and remediation firm servicing the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Free Environmental Consultation

We offer free environmental consultations for homeowners in the Tampa Bay Area.

Atomized Sanitization

We work with many of the top mold doctors in the Tampa Bay area. If your home is making you sick this must be addressed for your doctor to get lasting results.

Mold Removal

Many times tear out of contaminated material isn’t necessary. A thorough mold removal job combined with sanitization will suffice.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is required when you have toxic mold in your home and it has impacted building materials.

Fogging may not work, but Atomized Sanitation does.

Fogging over the years has gotten a bad name. Why? The foggers on the market just don’t cut it when it comes to creating a “fog” that lingers long enough to eliminate airborne pathogens and mold spores.

Our advanced Atomized Sanitization process creates the volume, dryness and hang time needed to thoroughly address the issue, leaving you with air that is thoroughly cleaned.

Free Environmental Consultation

Before we formulate a strategy for success, we always perform a Free Environmental Consultation. Whether virtual or in home, we will gather all the information we can to then guide you in the best direction to fit your exact needs.

We don’t offer a “silver bullet” solution, we offer the complete solution.

There are various types of mold problems, along with thousands of different types of molds, some far more toxic than others. You will find mold spores, which can act as triggers for non-optimum physical conditions, in every home.

We’re here to help you address this problem from start to finish, from A to Z. Whether you just need a mold inspection or you have a full blown mold remediation project, we have you covered. It all starts with our Free Environmental Consultation.

Contact us today by sending us a message, or calling us at (727) 276-4787

Free Environmental Consultation

Schedule a free environmental consultation from the experts at Mold Solutions. Our clients are family to us, and our roots in the industry go back to our own experience with mold in the home and how it affected our youngest and most precious.

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