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Mold Solutions

Not All Mold Problems Are The Same

At Mold Solutions, we understand all levels of mold problems. We realize that each mold situation is different and requires a tailor made solution. Whether you’re just looking for peace of mind, or currently working with a healthcare professional we will find a fit that is perfect for you.

Why Mold Solutions?

Mold Solutions

Not All Mold Problems Are The Same

At Mold Solutions, we understand all levels of mold problems. We realize that each mold situation is different and requires a tailor made solution. Whether you’re just looking for peace of mind, or currently working with a healthcare professional we will find a fit that is perfect for you.

Why Mold Solutions?

Experienced. Proven. Reliable. Licensed. Certified.

The team at Mold Solutions has treated and remediated thousands of homes in the Tampa Bay Area. We have never failed a job and don’t intend to. Great communication and reliability are not always easy to find when it comes to contractors. That’s why we pride ourselves on diligence, reliability, and availability. We stick with it until the job is done. We are transparent through every step of the process. We realize that finding out you have a mold problem can be a daunting and frightening thing. We’re here to help you through this journey and to make sure you get the best service throughout.

Mold Sensitivity

We work with many of the top mold doctors in the Tampa Bay area. If your home is making you sick this must be addressed for your doctor to get lasting results.

Mold Remediation

No matter the size of your mold problem, we have a solution. Our jobs pass only when an accredited third party laboratory says they pass. 

Health Symptoms

Mold spores and mycotoxins, myco = Greek for fungus, toxin = a poisonous substance, can lead to a host of nonoptimum physical situations.

100% Guaranteed Results

We use EPA registered products that are designed for the food and healthcare industries. These products are extremely effective at eliminating fungus,  spores, and all types of microbial life.

Our process leaves no residue behind and is safe for all contents and electronics to remain in the home during treatment.

The Atomized Sanitization process is perfect to address the most important part of a mold job, the air you breathe.

What People Are Saying

We got excellent service from the beginning by Brandon being in touch with us from the day he did the inspection through helping us find the right contractor to help with our AC system, which also happened to be the cause of having air quality issues in our home.

The remediation process was done in a very neat way, preventing the house from any possible cross contamination.

The full home sanitization with the fogging system improved the air quality of the home leaving the air much cleaner.

I highly recommend them!

– Shannon H.

Oh My gosh. These guys are awesome, I would give them 10 stars if I could. Brandon Faust and his wife run this business. They are so detailed, thorough and caring. It is very rare to find a company like that in these days. I have physical issues which include a high level of mold in the body. Another mold company said there wasn’t any mold. Brandon tracked the mold down – where it was and showed me its existence by his blacklight. Phenomenal. After it had been all thoroughly gotten rid of by the team ( Brandon’s wife is super super thorough) I felt instantly better and the air was fresh. These guys will sort you out, you can’t go wrong. I don’t often write glowing reviews because I have very high standards. These guys met those high standards and beyond.

– Louise F.

Brandon came to our home and even with my background I had no idea about some of the things he went over with us. These were things that in Florida, even living in brand new construction, if we did not follow would open the door for mold finding a home in our home.

It was refreshing to have a service delivered where I did not feel that they were just there to get the job done and get out but they went the distance in following up to see that every detail was handled so that he and we were satisfied that the best possible job was done.

I don’t only strongly recommend Mold Solutions if you have a mold issue, but even if you don’t because this is Florida and mold unfortunately can turn up even when you would not expect it. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

– Gregg F.

When I discovered what I thought was mold in my 1 year old sons bedroom I was terrified and concerned for his health. Mold Solutions USA reached out to me and was able to schedule a free consultation the next day. This really meant a lot to me that they could come out so quickly and shared the same concern and urgency as I to solve the problem. Brandon was very professional and kind. He was able to inform me about the problem as well as taking the next step to get rid of the mold. As a mother this meant a lot to me. I can tell this is a company who cares about peoples health and wants to do what’s best.

– Chloe S.

I would highly recommend this company. Brandon is certainly an expert and very professional. He came to my place promptly after I called Mold Solutions. He did an inspection and told us exactly what we needed to do next. We now know we do have mold in the house we are renting, which explains me getting sick way too often. I’m looking forward to getting this mold issue handled with them.

– Elizabeth W.

I hired this company for mold remediation. Very professional. Evan and team who did the work were super helpful explaining each step of the process (including pictures). I was happy the invoice broke each procedure out and the cost associated, so I could truly understand what I was paying for. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for mold remediation. Thanks!

– Michael V.

I really appreciate Mold Solutions swift and professional service. I’m so glad that I had them come out to our house. Now that I’m aware of what’s going on with our mold situation…..we are going to fix this to ensure our family stays healthy.

– Roland W.

Finding mold in the new condo was an absolute nightmare and I am so grateful I found mold solutions USA. Their guys were qualified and knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process. Having a transparent team communicate throughout really helped ease my mind and I’m happy to say the place looks and smells better than ever. Would definitely recommend.

– Devin R.

Mold Solutions USA is the company you want working for you; the owner Brandon and Lead worker Brian along with Dylan, Devon and Evan all share the same compassion to make my home healthy with a clean environment to live. Big thank you to all parties involved. They may have saved my life due to the type of mold that was detected. So, Mold Solution USA I want to thank you publicly; for giving me a clean and healthy home that I can retire in comfortably, with peace of mind that my air quality will give me a longer lifespan! Opposed to the toxic environment that presented itself. Sincerely, a true satisfied customer from beginning to end!

– Lisa P.

The owner of Mold Solutions USA, Brandon Faust, located the area where water was coming leaking behind the wall. My son was having asthma type reactions and as soon as the contaminated area was remediated and sanitatzed with the atomized hydrogen peroxide his breathing issues completely cleared up. Mold is not something to mess around with. I’m grateful that Brandon knew where to look and fully handled the mold problem. And his price was 1/3 the other big companies in the area!

– Andrys E.

Mold Solutions USA did a thorough fogging and remediation including a wipe down and handled THE problem with the inddor buildup of mold spores that was seriously affecting my health. They were right on time and did a very good job. I would highly recommend their service and above all get the initial consultation if you can from Brandon himself, as he showed the key areas that had beem missed and why I was having the probems I had and how to properly correct it. THANK YOU

– Bob C.

Mold Solutions FAQs

What happens if mold isn't removed properly?

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow indoors or outdoors, and it is often found in damp or wet areas. While mold is not inherently harmful, it can cause a number of problems if it isn’t removed properly. First, mold can cause respiratory problems, especially for people with allergies or asthma. Inhaling spores can trigger an allergic reaction, causing symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Additionally, mold can also damage building materials like drywall and wood, leading to costly repairs. And finally, mold can also lead to the growth of other harmful bacteria, which can pose a serious health risk. Thus, it is important to remove mold promptly and correctly to avoid these potential problems.

Why hire a professional for mold remediation?

Many people are reluctant to hire a professional for mold remediation, thinking that they can handle the problem themselves. However, there are several good reasons to hire a professional. First of all, mold can be difficult to remove completely, and even small amounts of mold can cause health problems. In addition, mold can damage your home, making it difficult and expensive to repair. Finally, mold remediation specialists have the training and experience necessary to safely and effectively remove mold from your home. As a result, hiring a professional is often the best way to protect your health and your property.

Special thanks to our friends at Disaster Rescue Las Vegas for sharing why hiring a professional is best when it comes to removing mold!

What causes mold?

Mold is caused by the presence of certain kinds of fungi in organic matter, like wood, paper, and fabrics. These fungi thrive in moist, warm places that provide a food source for them to easily grow and propagate. Professional mold inspectors suggest several ways to identify potential causes for mold growth in buildings or homes—the main factors being water or moisture accumulation and lack of proper ventilation.

Thank you to Fire Storm Restoration for this information!

How fast can mold grow?

Mold is a type of fungi that can grow quickly and easily in the right environment. In some cases, mold growth can begin within 24 hours of spores coming into contact with moisture.

While the amount of time it takes for mold to start growing depends on many factors such as the specific species, temperature, humidity level, food sources available for growth, etc., professional studies have found that most molds can begin growing within 1-12 days in damp or humid environments with temperatures between 68°F and 86°F

It’s best to contact professionals who are familiar with the mold removal process and know how to use the right chemicals and equipment safely and efficiently (such as using bleach or another type of mold remover). This will help ensure the area affected by mold is fully sanitized so that no spores are able to remain behind after cleaning has been completed – potentially preventing further growth from occurring later down the road if environmental conditions improve for them again.

What area of the house is mold most prone to grow?

According to professional mold remediation specialists, the areas of the house that are most prone to mold growth include any site that is subject to or collects moisture. This includes bathrooms (especially showers, bathtubs, and sink drains), basements and crawlspaces, closets and attics, kitchens (sink drains, dishwashers & food handling areas), laundry rooms (washing machines & dryers), and even walls behind appliances.

Mold thrives when it has access to both oxygen and a source of moisture or humidity. Poor ventilation in an area can also contribute significantly to mold growth as air cannot be exchanged with outside air fast enough to properly dry wet materials or surfaces. For example, some forms of fungi could easily thrive in poorly ventilated attics where high humidity levels collect faster than they can escape due to lack of ventilation.