Brandon Faust, ‘A Breath of Fresh Air; The Root Cause Matters More’

by Mold Solutions
Image of Brandon Faust from Mold Solutions, LLC with host of The Minimalist CEO Podcast, Nate Lindquist

From The Minimalist CEO Podcast with Nate Lindquist:

“My guest, Brandon Faust, has shared ideas in this episode that apply to all of us no matter what business we’re in. Brandon is the Co-Owner and CEO of Mold Zero in Tampa, Florida. He confidently states that what has led to the success of his seven figures and continually growing company is that, more than anything, he wants to make a difference in people’s lives.

“Brandon gets right to the heart of the matter as he shares how his infant son was severely suffering and miraculously the root cause was found. It turned out to be a pinhole wall leak where mold spores were blowing around the home. Brandon also had incorrectly diagnosed health issues related to a prior incident with unsuspected mold growing in his bedroom.

“Those two life experiences changed how his company went further into finding and creating healthy homes free of toxins. Brandon also discussed how maybe only one family member has mold sensitivities, and these toxicities could actually lead to brain and nervous system problems, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Liver Cancer or other diseases and people don’t realize the connection.

“Highlights of our conversation include:

  • Educating clients and putting their interests first helps to expand the company.
  • The challenge of overcoming trying to do it all on one’s own.
  • Inspiring a team to understand what is the company’s mission.
  • Mycotoxin detoxification requires a different expertise in the restoration industry.
  • The process of finding out the health of a house.
  • Changes needed in the restoration industry.”

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