Air Alert: 70% of Tampa Homes Had This Mold Problem

After servicing over 1,000 homes, a Tampa Bay Mold Remediation Specialist says many share the same problem.

by Mold Solutions

A Tampa Bay Mold Remediation specialist with 1,000 healthy homes under his belt says that upwards of 70 percent of clients who had asked for his help had a unique and often disregarded mold problem.

More specifically, roughly 7 out of 10 homeowners who suspected they might have a mold problem did, in fact, have one.

And these homeowners shared not just the same problem, but the same source of the problem, Tampa mold remediation specialist Brandon Faust of Mold Solutions, LLC, says.

“I wanted to make sure my friends and family were aware of a potential issue that I see almost every day here in Florida.”

Brandon FaustFounder of Mold Solutions. Licensed, insured, IICRC & NORMI-Certified Tampa Mold Remediation specialist

Mold Solutions’ remediation methods aren’t just family-friendly, but effective. Comprehensive, caring, and thorough. Suited individually to client’s unique situations.

Here’s Mold Solutions company founder and NORMI-certified mold remediation specialist, Brandon Faust:

“I get a lot of clients calling me because they are experiencing some sort of allergenic reaction and they think that it might have something to do with mold.

Of course, you can find mold in different ways: You can find mold due to a water leak that obviously can be quite dangerous and toxic, but there’s another ‘type’ of mold that most people are not thinking with, and that is mold in the AC system.”

Faust shares that one of the homes he was asked to provide a free environmental consultation for had five air conditioning systems.

Two of the 5 AC systems lacked what he has come to consider one of the most important mold-preventative measures for a Floria home.

The two air handlers that didn’t have it “were completely contaminated and had contaminated the rest of the house,” Faust says.

It was a mold called Cladosporium.

“Cladosporium is an allergenic mold that most people think is a black mold, but it’s actually a completely different species than Stachybotrys (which is a black mold).

“So the mold that they had in their home, Cladosporium, was causing physical reactions: Headaches, joint aches, respiratory issues or things along those lines—that’s what the client had said she was experiencing; obviously, I’m not a doctor.

[See also: U.S. CDC Data on the Health Concerns Mold can Cause.]

“Immediately, I went to the AC system and, sure enough, there was a tremendous amount of contamination. We got it tested and that absolutely was the case.”

Look in your AC system, look to your vents and ducts, Faust tells Florida homeowners.

“If you see any sort of green or brown contamination,” he adds, “it’s highly probable that it is Cladosporium.”

“Call Mold Solutions. I’ll take a look at it and I can point you in the right direction and we can figure out a solution that is tailored for you,” he says.

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