5 Mold Toxicity Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Mold is more than just an eyesore, it can be very bad for your health, short term or long term, according to numerous governmental and healthcare agencies, such as the Mayo Clinic, US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Mold toxicity, which is also often referred to as mold illness, happens when people are exposed to a greater amount of mold spores than their own unique body and sensitivities can handle, and it can cause or contribute to a number of health problems.

“A mold allergy can cause coughing, itchy eyes and other symptoms that make you miserable. In some people, a mold allergy is linked to asthma and exposure causes restricted breathing and other airway symptoms.

Mayo Clinic, “Mold Allergy,” Jun 21, 2021

If you notice the signs early, you can take care of the problem before it becomes a greater health risk.

Here are five potential signs of mold toxicity that you shouldn’t ignore. This is offered for informational purposes only and is not personal health advice, which you should always speak to a doctor about.

1. Breathing Issues

Having trouble breathing is one of the most common signs of potential mold toxicity. When mold spores enter your lungs, several potential consequences can occur:

  • Chronic Coughing: Persistent coughing may indicate exposure to mold.
  • Shortness of Breath: Mold spores have the potential to induce inflammation in the lungs, leading to respiratory difficulties and wheezing.
  • Sinus Congestion: Being around mold can cause sinus infections and stuffy noses, which can become painful and uncomfortable.

2. New Allergies or Worsening of Existing Allergies

People who have never had allergies before can have allergic reactions when they are exposed to mold. Mold-related allergens can cause the following symptoms:

  • Sneezing and Runny Nose: Frequent sneezing and persistent nasal discharge are common symptoms of mold allergies.
  • Dry and Itchy Eyes: Mold spores can cause irritation to the eyes, resulting in redness, itching, and excessive tearing.
  • Skin Rashes: Mold can irritate the skin, which can lead to rashes and spots.

3. Weakness and Fatigue

Prolonged exposure to mold can induce fatigue and weakness. This can impede your ability to do routine tasks and diminish the overall quality of your life. If you have persistent fatigue or weakness without any apparent explanation, it is possible that you are suffering from mold toxicity.

4. Cognitive Issues

Mold toxicity can also have an effect on the nervous system, causing cognitive issues.

“Individuals living or working in moldy buildings complain of a variety of health problems including pain, fatigue, increased anxiety, depression, and cognitive deficits.”

Study: “Mold inhalation causes innate immune activation, neural, cognitive and emotional dysfunction,” Nov 18, 2019

Some of these symptoms are:

  • Memory Loss: Having trouble remembering things or losing your short-term memory can be a sign that you’ve been exposed to mold.
  • Problems Focusing: Exposure to mold pollution can impair cognitive function, resulting in difficulties in concentration and attention while doing tasks.
  • Headaches: Frequent headaches, particularly when intensified in certain areas of your home, may indicate exposure to mold or an approaching state of mold toxicity.

5. Muscle and Joint Pain 

Mold can induce bodily inflammation, resulting in unexplained muscle and joint discomfort. If you are experiencing persistent aches and pains without any apparent cause, it is possible that you are suffering from mold toxicity and should have a medical examination done right away as well as a professional mold assessment performed in your home.

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