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House Mold Removal – Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Mold From Your Home

House Mold Removal – Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Mold From Your Home

House mold removal can be a challenging task. Fortunately, there are several natural solutions that you can try. These include Citrus seed extract, Vinegar, Baking soda, and high-heat drying. Using these natural remedies will help you get rid of mold from your home in a timely manner. Browse around this site!

Citrus seed extract

Citrus seed extract can be used as a natural mold cleaner. The acid in citrus seeds kills mold by preventing it from growing. You can use it as a spray and apply it directly on the moldy area. It does not have an unpleasant odor. You can repeat the process as many times as you need until the area is clean.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural household cleaner with a variety of uses around the home, and it can be used to eliminate mold and mildew from surfaces. A mixture of two parts baking soda and one part water should be sprayed onto the affected area. Scrubbing with a scrubbing brush or scouring pad should remove all traces of mold, and the mixture can be rinsed off with warm water. Baking soda is nontoxic, so it can be used around pets and children. It also kills spores, preventing mold growth.

Drying at high heat

While most mold remediation companies use drying at high temperatures to kill mold, drying at high temperatures is not always the best way to remove mold. Dead mold spores can be airborne and may even travel through air conditioning ductwork. For these reasons, it is important to remove building materials affected by mold before applying a drying product.

Cost of house mold removal

The initial cost of house mold removal can vary widely, depending on the scope of the problem and the level of mold damage. Small areas of mold on glass or tile surfaces are usually relatively easy to clean up, while larger areas of mold and infected materials require specialized equipment and more manpower. The cost will also increase if you have suffered flood damage due to contaminated water. Next article!