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Florida Botanical Gardens

Visit the Florida Botanical Gardens

Visit the 182-acre Florida Botanical Gardens to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the state. The gardens also promote environmental practices. A visit to the Florida Botanical Gardens will enhance your knowledge of the area’s plants, animals, and habitats. You can also take in the views of an Oak forest and a Wetland. You can return to our home page.

120 acres of tropical flowers

The Florida Botanical Gardens is a free botanical garden in Largo, Florida, with 120 acres of tropical flowers and plants. The gardens also include a desert-like landscape with cacti and native plants. Visitors can also visit the butterfly garden and 60 acres of reclaimed land. There are also immersive exhibits and educational programs.

The gardens are free to visit and take several hours to explore. There are benches throughout the gardens to sit and enjoy the beauty. The gardens are open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. They are closed on Sundays. Children are welcome to visit the gardens, and educational programs are offered throughout the year. The gardens are also pet-friendly, but visitors should bring their own leash and water.

The Florida Botanical Gardens are dedicated to inspiring visitors to become plant and animal enthusiasts. The gardens display a variety of native and exotic plants and wildlife, and promote environmental awareness. The gardens also offer a 15-acre garden that is home to a range of tropical plants. Visitors can also take advantage of the Dent Smith Trail, named after the late naturalist Dent Smith.


The 182-acre Florida Botanical Gardens is a unique way to learn about Florida’s flora and fauna, as well as the environment. In addition to showcasing Florida’s natural resources, the botanical garden promotes environmentally friendly methods and techniques.

The Florida Botanical Gardens’ Wetlands Walkway offers a great way to learn about native wetlands. The path winds through the natural wetlands of Florida, and features benches where visitors can relax. It also forks into several sections, giving visitors an overview of the low plain. The walk is dotted with interactive displays that encourage learning and play.

Visitors should bring a reusable water bottle and wear protective clothing while visiting the Florida Botanical Gardens. Heavy equipment is prohibited as it can throw large pieces of vegetation into the air. It is also important to note that the park has no smoking policy. You may also bring your dog as long as it is on a leash. Please leave the gardens in better condition than when you arrived. Visit another area in town here.

Oak forest

The Oak forest at Florida Botanical Gardens is a lush, natural area of 180 acres in Largo, Florida. Visitors can explore the diverse plants and animals that call this region home. You’ll also find a unique exhibit of aquatic habitats and a large collection of flowering annuals.

The reserve is also home to the Stephen Foster Center, which honors the memory of the famous American composer Stephen Foster. The center includes a museum that displays exhibits on Foster’s songs. There’s also a carillon that plays throughout the day. There are also nature trails and a gift shop. Throughout the park, visitors can also go fishing, hiking, and exploring.

If you’re traveling with children, the ELC is a great place to visit. The 110-acre preserve has many interactive displays, including a sea turtle exhibit. It also has a 100-seat Keller Science Theater and a variety of live animal shows. Homeschool groups are also welcome to reserve a field trip.

Patio garden

If you’ve ever wanted to see plants grow in their natural habitat, the Florida Botanical Gardens should be on your list of places to visit. Located in Largo, Florida, this 182-acre garden features a wide range of flora and fauna that will give you a taste of the world’s natural resources. Additionally, it promotes environmentally friendly techniques and practices.

There are several different gardens to choose from at the Florida Botanical Gardens Largo FL. These include a tropical courtyard, an herb garden, a butterfly garden, and a tropical fruit and vegetable garden. The gardens also feature a wedding garden and a cactus/succulent garden. Continue reading about George C. McGough Nature Park.



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