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Eagle Lake Park

Eagle Lake Park

In 2002, Pinellas County developed Eagle Lake Park, a 163-acre public park. The park got its name from the bald eagles that used to nest in the area. The county purchased most of the land for the park, and today, it is set to celebrate its grand opening celebration. County commissioner Karen Seel will give a speech at the event. Read on for some ideas.

Bird watching

Eagle Lake Park is a 163-acre preserve located in Largo, Florida. It was acquired in 1998 and 2006 by Pinellas County as a county park. There, you can find more than 280 species of birds, including many species of raptors.

You can see a White-crowned Pigeon in winter, Red-masked Parakeet in spring, and Yellow-chevroned Parakeet in the summer. You can also spot a Shiny Cowbird feeding among Brown-headed Cowbirds.

If you like bird watching, you should pay a visit to Eagle Lake Park in Largo, FL. This 162-acre preserve features native plants and a citrus grove theme. You can hike the trails in the park, see wildlife such as eagles and alligators, and even see some birds while you’re at it.

Dogs allowed

Eagle Lake Park is a 163-acre preserve in suburban Largo, Florida. The park was created in 1998 after Pinellas County purchased two parcels of land. Dog owners can walk their dogs around the park’s trails and bring their dogs to drink from its lake.

The park is managed by the Pinellas County Parks and Recreation Department and features paved trails and boardwalks. It has good restrooms and a picnic shelter. It also has ample parking. The park is in a residential neighborhood and offers plenty of opportunities for hiking or biking. Dog owners should know that they are allowed to take their dogs to the park, but you should still bring a leash.

The new dog park opened on March 29, 2010, and while the park is relatively quiet right now, it is sure to grow in popularity in the coming weeks. The dog park has a separate area for small dogs, and benches for dog owners. It’s a great place for socializing young puppies, or for a seasoned dog. The park also has water bowls for the dogs and tennis balls for play. Explore more!

Distance from downtown Largo

The distance from downtown Largo to the Tampa International Airport is approximately twenty miles. If you need to get to the airport, you can take the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority bus system, which provides transportation throughout Pinellas County. The bus system also provides express service to and from the Tampa International Airport. In addition, state roads 686 and 688 run through Largo. Additionally, a grid of county roads connects the city to surrounding areas.

If you want to take the bus to get to downtown Largo, you can find a bus time that best suits your schedule. However, it is important to consider that traffic conditions may affect the time it takes you to get there. Using a bus or train app like Moovit will help you plan your trip by showing you alternative routes or times.

Vacancy rate

Eagle Lake Park is a 163-acre county-level park in Largo, Florida. This preserve is the result of two separate parcels of land that Pinellas County purchased in 1998 and 2006. Vacancy rates vary considerably, but the park generally remains open.

Vacancy rates are an important metric to look at when looking at the real estate market in a community. For example, a low vacancy rate may mean that home prices aren’t likely to appreciate much, while a high vacancy rate can indicate that it is a popular vacation spot. A realtor who works in the area says that the study results are not surprising.

Eagle Lake Park has a 14.1% vacancy rate, which is higher than the 73.5% rate for other neighborhoods in the United States. The low vacancy rate may reflect weak demand for real estate in the area, but it also means that a large amount of new housing has been built in the area.


Trails at Eagle Lake Park Largo, Florida, is a county-level park in a suburban district. It consists of a 163-acre preserve that was acquired by Pinellas County in 1998 and 2006. This park offers a variety of trails, from easy walks to longer treks through the woods.

This park is managed by Pinellas County Parks and Recreation. It features paved trails, boardwalks, and an off-road shell path. Bicycling is not allowed on the boardwalks. The park is also equipped with restrooms and picnic shelters and has plenty of free parking. Located in a residential neighborhood, Eagle Lake Park provides a serene setting and abundant wildlife. However, the park is not suitable for swimming.

One of the park’s most popular trails is the Eagle Lake loop, which is about 1.6 miles long. The loop path will take you past a historic farmstead and through a citrus grove. In the spring, the citrus trees are loaded with oranges and fragrant blossoms. Another great trail leads to the playground and picnic pavilions. Check our next area of interest here.



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