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Crest Lake Park

Crest Lake Park

The 39-acre Crest Lake Park in Clearwater, Florida, is one of the best parks in the area. You can enjoy the lake, walking trails, and fishing. There is even a 3-acre dog park. The venue is a great place for families. There are many amenities and studio apartments here. See our home page.

Crest Lake Park is a 39 acre park

The city of Clearwater, FL, is investing $5.7 million in new construction and renovations at Crest Lake Park. This 39-acre park has a lake and is home to several activities and attractions. The improvements will include new volleyball courts, a restroom building, walking trails, and an arboretum. The park’s renovation is expected to be complete by April 2021.

The initial phase of the construction will close the park, with the southern half shut down for nine months. During the construction, the Florida Veterans Memorial Plaza will remain open. The park is one of the city’s most popular public spaces. It is a beloved community gathering spot for residents and visitors and has many facilities. It is also home to the Clearwater Aquatic Center, a dog park, and an arboretum that features interactive QR codes.

The park is currently undergoing renovations to make it more accessible to everyone. The park will be landscaped with boardwalks and feature new lighting and irrigation. It will also have four new play areas and a splash pad. In addition, the park will include two picnic shelters and restrooms. The park will also have a lighted fountain that shoots water 80 feet into the air.

It has a lake

One of the signature parks in Clearwater, FL, Crest Lake Park recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. The new park features new boardwalks, docks, a restroom building, playgrounds, arboretum, and volleyball courts. The renovations are expected to be complete by April 2021.

The park also offers a dog park, picnic shelters, sand volleyball courts, and multiple play areas for kids. There are also benches for humans and dogs. The park also honors veterans. It features a half-mile loop around the lake. This scenic park is a popular destination for families and people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Dog owners can take their dog to the dog park, where there are four separate areas for dogs. The dog park is large, with plenty of space for exercising and socializing. Dog owners are sure to love it. Discover more exciting places here.

It has walking trails

If you’re looking for an amazing place to walk, Crest Lake Park in Clearwater, FL, might be the place for you. This park features a half-mile walking trail around the lake and multiple play areas for kids. There are also sand volleyball courts and picnic shelters. You can even take your dog to the dog park, which has four separate dog areas and benches for humans. The park is located on 201 South Glenwood Avenue.

Located across the street from Clearwater Beach, Crest Lake Park is a perfect place for a walk. This waterfront park features beach volleyball courts, a boardwalk over the lake, picnic areas, and walking trails. It’s a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy a sunny day.

Dog lovers will love the dog park in Crest Lake. There are walking trails all around the lake and doggie-friendly areas. Dog-friendly areas include a doggie drinking fountain, paw washing stations, and waste collection facilities. Doggies can also enjoy the ADA-accessible areas and even enjoy the fenced-in areas. The park is open daily from sunrise to 11 p.m.

It has studio apartments

Studio apartments in Clearwater FL are self-contained units that contain a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The community is located in the city of Clearwater and offers studio apartments for rent in a variety of price ranges. If you’re looking for affordable housing options in Clearwater FL, consider Crest Lake Park. You’ll find that it offers studio apartments in several price ranges, including those priced from $550 to $3,000.

Clearwater FL has a median rent of $1,895 per month, which is slightly above the national average. Rents in Clearwater include utilities such as garbage pickup, water, electric, and natural gas. Utility bills fluctuate a little each month but are usually included in the rent. Browse next article.



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